Trump is Still Odds-On Favorite to Win Re-Election. Wall Street Agrees.

by Christopher Paslay

Fake news stories and threats of impeachment have had minimal impact on President Trump’s chances of re-election in 2020.    

As the old saying goes, money talks, and B.S. walks.  And despite the bovine excrement pouring out of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and all the pundits, politicians, and swamp creatures who have done their damndest to lie, spy, twist, and sling mud at President Trump in order to destroy his chances at re-election, Vegas odds-makers and Wall Street power brokers know the truth: Trump is still the prohibitive favorite to win in 2020.

According to the website “The Lines” which tracks the American sports betting industry:

Donald Trump opened at even odds of +100, or even money. This means you would need to wager $100 to win $100 (and $10 to win $10). Since the Democratic debates have begun, Trump’s odds have improved as high as -120. This means you would need to wager $120 to win $100.

As of September 25th, with the launch of Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry and all the negative news coverage surrounding Trump’s Ukraine phone call, betting odds have barely moved.  The popular Bet365 and Betway both have Donald Trump at +110 to win re-election, and Odds Shark lists Trump at +120.  In contrast, major sports betting sites list Elizabeth Warren between +275 and +300, and Joe Biden between +550 and +650.  

Not that odds-makers are perfect.  In 2016, Trump was listed by most betting sites at 500/1. According to “The Lines”:

When Donald Trump declared for President, he was priced at 500/1, or +50000 on betting sites. This means that the implied odds gave Trump a 0.2% chance of winning the presidency.

So, if you saw Donald Trump listed as 500/1, a moneyline wager of $1 winning would return $500. If you see it priced at +50000, then a $100 bet would return $50,000 profit.

For the 2020 Presidential election, Donald Trump is the “odds-on” favorite on some sports betting sites, where he’s priced at 1/1 or +100.

Financial investors are confident in Trump as well. In March, a poll of Wall Street insiders showed that over 70 percent expect him to win re-election in 2020. As stated by CNBC:

“Most expect Trump to win in 2020, but there’s still some nervousness around the event,” Lori Calvasina, RBC’s head of U.S. equity strategy, wrote to clients. Sixty-seven percent “of our March 2019 survey respondents believe that Joe Biden is seen as the most acceptable Democratic candidate by the stock market for the White House. No other candidate got a significant number of votes.” . . .

Presidential elections can have important implications for financial markets based on what traders believe the elected candidate will prioritize while in office. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied more than 450 points in the two days following Trump’s election in 2016 and jumped nearly 8 percent into year-end as investors grew confident in future corporate tax reform and big spending.

Currently, even after the launch of the impeachment inquiry by Democrats and the horrendously biased coverage by the mainstream press, Wall Street still believes Trump is safe.  As reported by CNBC on September 25th:

Investors shouldn’t worry about what a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump could mean for his current term or even his reelection chances, Wall Street investment banks advised clients.

But what they really should be worried about, Washington policy analysts said, is what the impeachment inquiry means for a potential trade deal with China and an already agreed-upon deal with Canada and Mexico. Investors also can forget about any new legislation like a drug prescription policy, they said.

Although Democrats are willing to both cripple Americans financially and hinder their health insurance as a means of hurting Trump, it appears this strategy isn’t working.  In fact, it may be having the opposite effect: Trump’s re-election is now more important than ever, especially if Americans want to steady the economy, keep and reform private health insurance, and engage in fair trade with China and North America.  

But money does have a way of talking.  And right now, most of the cash is coming in on Trump.       


Meet the Deplorable Choir

by Christopher Paslay

The MAGA-loving trio praises America and encourages Trump supporters to stand proud.    

Let’s face it — it’s not easy to support President Trump in 2019 America.  Often times Trump and his supporters are bullied into silence by celebrities and the mainstream media, who regularly mischaracterize the President and his agenda in an attempt to shut down any and all debate on the issues.  Yet CJ, Val, and Linz — the three Texas moms who formed the Deplorable Choir — will have nothing of the sort.        

As reported by the Daily Dot:

On social media, the Deplorable Choir has become a minor-league celebrity with songs that include choruses like “it’s a real tough life if you say you are a liberal” and “we stand with our General Flynn.” But even if you don’t agree with their conservative messaging, it can be tough to get their music out of your head.

Their tunes are chipper but also confrontational. In their song about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, they sang “Mother Zucker, let’s have a word/come meet me out back/with my can of whoop ass,” set to a twanging banjo. Their songs are always political, and they have a knack for grabbing the attention of some of the celebrities in the pro-Trump circles of the internet.

It’s not every day that the right makes fun of the left, as this sort of thing is deemed off limits by our liberal entertainment industry; most comedians and late night hosts save their ammo for conservatives only.    

But who is this trio?  As reported by the Daily Dot:

In a conversation with The Daily Dot, C.J. LeRose . . . painted the group as just a couple of mothers looking to have some whole-hearted Christian fun.  LeRose is a stage name and she declined to give out her real name, citing concerns for her safety from what she calls “the keyboard warriors.” She says that the Choir are “sisters and friends who all live by each other,” but showed some humility, saying “we’re not a music group … we’re not a real band. We just started doing this because we love Trump.”

The group began in March 2018 following the Oscars when LeRose says she was annoyed “after being lectured by celebrities.”  She claims that the first song came to her while she was on the way to her child’s baseball game. And that first piece blew up. She recalls that it had 130,000 views overnight. . . . Their name of the band, obviously, is a direct dig at Clinton’s mocking of Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

The Deplorable Choir now has over 90K followers on both Twitter and Facebook, and a YouTube channel with 30K subscribers and over 20 songs.

There’s No ‘White’ in Trump’s Nationalism

by Christopher Paslay

(Note: A version of this article was published on August 5th on the American Thinker.)

Predictably, Democrats and the mainstream media have wasted no time using the El Paso massacre to disingenuously inject the word “white” into Trump’s pro-American nationalism.

Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter — ‘tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

Donald Trump is a nationalist who supports all things American, and has admitted as much.  What he is not is a white nationalist — a detail that, like a decimal point, seems minor on the surface yet really is the difference between a lightening bug and lightening. Yet Democrats and the hard left continue to play with lightening, incessantly labeling Trump a white nationalist despite knowing how such language could be misperceived by legitimate neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups in America, possibly emboldening them to act out.

Predictably, Democrats and the mainstream media have wasted no time using the El Paso massacre to disingenuously inject the word white into Trump’s pro-American nationalism.  

“The President of the United States is condoning white nationalism,” South Bend Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said of the attack.  “White nationalism is one of the evils that is motivating and inspiring at least some people to go kill Americans. The president has a responsibility to nip this in the bud.”

Interestingly, it’s the Democrats that want to keep white nationalism alive in the White House, as Trump has nipped this in the bud, many times.  In August of 2017, when violence started to escalate during a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Va., Trump tweeted, “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Let’s come together as one!”  Later, after a 32-year-old female was hit and killed by a white nationalist’s car that ran into counterprotesters, Trump made the following statement: “We condemn in the strongest most possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.”

Trump’s short impromptu response — made during televised remarks about a bill signing already underway — suggested it takes two to tango, and failed to specifically condemn white nationalism, although Trump and White House officials insisted this was implied in Trump’s original tweet. But this was not good enough for those Trump haters who so desperately wanted to see America’s highest office stained by white supremacy.  After claiming Trump was himself a white nationalist or at the very least a neo-Nazi apologist, Trump publicly condemned such hate groups and their sympathizers, stating, “Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups.”

A White House official even clarified Trump’s initial remarks. “The President said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred,” the statement said. “Of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, Neo-Nazi, and all extremist groups. He called for national unity and bringing all Americans together.”

What Democrats should have done at this point was back President Trump, forever putting to rest the ridiculous notion that white supremacist hate groups have an ally in the White House.  Instead they did the opposite.  They rallied together with the mainstream media to create the narrative that Trump was indeed a vicious racist, that yes, the President of the United States was a white supremacist, and that he welcomed — even encouraged — such displays of hatred and intolerance. 

Of course Trump did not, and Democrats and the hard left knew as much.  Trump is an American nationalist, not a white nationalist, the former being a patriot who puts the interests of America and all its citizens first, the latter being a bigot who uses violence and fear to preach and establish white supremacy.  Because Democrats have no solid platform of their own heading into 2020, they must use a scorched earth approach, bending over backwards to frame everything Trump says and does as “racist” and thus evidence of him being a “white nationalist.”  

“The first order of business to reduce white nationalism is to eliminate white nationalism in our White House,” Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee said after the El Paso shooting. “The sentiments of fear and division, and outright racism, that this president has emboldened ought to be sickening to anyone.” Inslee went on to say that fear and division are “Donald Trump’s stock-in-trade,” and that Trump owed it to the country to heal its historic racial wounds.    

But how can Trump or anyone else heal racial wounds when people like Inslee continue to rip these wounds wide open by constantly framing everything in terms of race, and by disingenuously referring to America’s president as a “white nationalist,” whereby providing legitimate hate groups with the misconception that they have a partner in the White House?       

Wajahat Ali, a journalist for Al Jazeera America and former consultant for the U.S. State Department under Obama, recently mocked the Republican party and slammed Trump as a white nationalist, too: 

“I think the Republican Party is the most diverse party on Earth. When I look at the Republican Party I see every shade of white under the sun, I see white men, old white men, young white men, white men with facial hair, some white men with fades. I even see some white women. What I don’t see are people of color. Why? Because Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a racist president and he’s promoting a white nationalist ideology.”

Of course it’s Ali who’s the racist, using skin color to stereotype Republicans and mock white people.  Still, what on earth is this “white nationalist ideology” that Trump supposedly espouses, anyway?  Trump criticizes The Squad for bad mouthing America, inviting them to go to struggling countries like Somalia — fix them up — and then come back and let us know how it’s done.  Yet somehow Trump is a bigot and white nationalist who told the congresswomen to go back where they came from, as if they weren’t welcomed in the U.S. because they weren’t white enough. Not only was race not mentioned by anyone except Democrats, but the invitation to come back was conveniently dropped.  

Trump criticizes Elijah Cummings because Baltimore is overrun with rats and urban blight, bringing attention to an area of America neglected by Cummings and the Democrats for decades, and Trump’s an intolerant bigot.  Again, no mention of race anywhere, except from liberals themselves. 

Trump calls for a merit-based immigration policy, one that accepts people who have viable skills and the ability to assimilate to American culture and values, and the left insists he’s a white nationalist, favoring white countries over nonwhite ones.  Who bought up skin color?  Not President Trump, but the race-obsessed left.           

Ironically, it’s the Democrats who want white nationalism in the White House, not Trump and his conservative supporters.  It’s high time they take responsibility for their dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric, before they embolden more hate groups to act out. 

Alveda King Supports Trump. So Would MLK If He Were Alive.

by Christopher Paslay

Martin Luther King’s Dream — putting content of character over color of skin — is dead among liberals.  Today, only conservatives and President Trump remain colorblind, favoring merit over pigmentation.  

Content of character is dead among liberals.  Gone.  History.  Kaput.  Today, the most important thing for Democrats and their cadre of groupthink leftists is how many “boxes” you can check off: gay, lesbian, bi, trans, black, Hispanic, Native, female, Muslim . . . and so on and so forth.  Or, put another way, diversity in reverse: non-male, non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Judeo-Christian, etc.

Hence today’s Democrats —  the Check-Off Party.  Or, if Check-Off is too harsh, perhaps this meme: the Perception Party.  This works, too, since the main objective of leftists is to create the perception of fairness and equality among their members, and the perception of hatred and racism among their political enemies, regardless of whether these things exist in any form whatsoever in reality.                       

Case in point: On Sunday, President Trump tweeted the following, criticizing Elijah Cummings for the condition of his home district in Baltimore: 

Rep. Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA. 

Why is so much money sent to the Elijah Cummings district when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States. No human being would want to live there. Where is all this money going? How much is stolen? Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!

Although nowhere in the tweet is race mentioned, liberals and the mainstream media predictably cried racism, right on cue.  What didn’t matter to them was the fact that the people of Baltimore, including the mayor, agreed that the district was indeed rat infested, dangerous, dilapidated, and in dire need of help.  Trump’s tweet to Cummings was aggressive, sure, but not racist.  And there are many Americans, both black and white alike, who feel that Trump was right to bluntly shine a light on the unacceptable conditions of Baltimore, that his spat with Cummings is ultimately resulting in bringing awareness to a situation that has long been ignored. 

Reverend Alveda King, niece of MLK, didn’t think Trump’s tweet was racist at all.  “All of that news is absolutely fake,” she said at a two-hour meeting Monday at the White House with inner-city faith leaders, some of whom left saying the president is concerned about people of all races. 

According to the Washington Examiner:

Ms. King said Mr. Trump’s policies are working for black Americans.

“America is troubled,” Ms. King told reporters after the meeting. “If we say we’re color blind, we need to put on our glasses. We can see a troubled America, but we can [also] see a blessed America.”

She said employment rates are up in every segment of society, “including the black community.”

“Historically black colleges and universities under this president are being blessed,” she said. “The babies in the womb, the sick and poor and elderly, are being blessed.”

She added, “We have a president who’s listening. We have an opportunity to continue to be blessed. And I was glad to pray with him today.”

Bill Owens, a Trump supporter and the founder and president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, also denied Trump’s tweets were racist, and pointed out that Trump goes after leaders from all backgrounds if he disagrees with them on a policy.  

Of course, none of this matters to the left.  

Tragically, liberals are not only hopelessly obsessed with race, religion, gender, and sexuality — choosing to view the world via these superficial lens instead of through a person’s values, beliefs, and actions — but they are successfully indoctrinating America’s young people to do the same.  No longer is it acceptable to be “colorblind,” or to judge people by “the content of their character.”  Incredibly, many liberals have suggested that the word “colorblind” is a code word for “white supremacy,” and that it’s our duty to monitor the world by race, religion, gender, and sexuality.

Amazingly, many Millennials don’t want to be colorblind, and find that way of viewing the world boring and archaic.  Identity politics, especially in the form of preferential treatment for “victim” groups, has caused some youth to cling to their separate identities as a sort of ego fulfillment, as a way to have a tribal affiliation with those who share their same ideologies.  In short, the power and rush gained from wearing their race, religion, gender, or sexuality on their shirtsleeve is more exciting and appealing than simply treating people as . . . well, people.

Which means merit and content of character is not only forgotten, but frowned upon.  A person’s race, religion, gender, and sexuality come first, and what they think, say, or do comes second.  As a result, two people could think, act, or do the same things, but depending on their group affiliation, one could be labeled a “social justice worrier,” while the other could be called a “hateful racist bigot.”        

Is this the world MLK would want to live in?  Is this what has become of his “dream”?  I think not. 

Reverend Alveda King Supports Trump and his merit-based world view, as do many inner city black pastors.  And if MLK were alive in 2019, I bet he’d support President Trump, too. 

Trump Signs 9/11 Victim Compensation Bill

by Christopher Paslay

President Trumps signs yet another piece of bipartisan legislation, continuing to find common ground among a divided Congress. 

President Trump, the most admired man in America other than Barack Obama, continues to be one of the most productive presidents in modern American history.  This morning he signed a bill that provides relief to victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.  As reported by the Daily Caller:  

H.R.1327, or the “Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act,” provides full funding for the 9/11 victim compensation fund through 2092. The compensation fund provides for medical care and losses experienced by victims and first responders stemming from the deadly attacks, and is estimated to cost over $10 billion over the next ten years.

The president signed the bipartisan legislation during a special event in the Rose Garden, featuring the families of the bill’s namesakes, including their children, widows, parents, and siblings.

“Today, we come together as one nation to support our Sept. 11 heroes,” Trump said. “They answered terror with the emotional strength of true American warriors.”

President Trump’s ability to work with Congress and get things done is quite impressive, despite the fact the American press fails to adequately cover most of his achievements.  

According to the Pew Research Center, “Between its inception in January 2017 and its final day on Jan. 3, the GOP-led 115th Congress enacted 442 public laws, the most since the 110th Congress (2007-09).” And most notably, almost 70 percent of these bills were bipartisan, the most in 20 years.

Pro-Trump, Pro-American Products Raising Millions for Charity

by Christopher Paslay

Trump-loving Americans donate millions to fallen soldiers and their families.   

While Democrats and members of “The Squad” continue to trash America, President Trump, and our country’s brave law enforcement officers, patriotic Americans such as Rush Limbaugh and the pro-Trump apparel company PrintedKicks are raising millions of dollars for injured and fallen American soldiers.   

As reported by Fox News:

The CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation revealed Tuesday on “Fox and Friends” that radio host Rush Limbaugh‘s recently released Betsy Ross tee-shirt generated more than $2 million for the nonprofit organization. Frank Siller, who started the foundation in memory of his brother – a New York firefighter who lost his life on 9/11 – said that he is “beyond words” over the response to Limbaugh’s Betsy Ross shirt.

Limbaugh, who appeared on “Fox & Friends,” last week explained that he released the shirt to give people an opportunity to push back on those who trash American values and do not stand for American ideals. He explained that he and his wife came up with the idea for the shirt after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly urged Nike to nix the release of a sneaker that featured a Betsy Ross flag over the flag’s perceived slavery-era connections. . . .

Siller explained that the foundation helps the families of fallen police officers, first responders and soldiers – many of whom left behind a grieving wife and children. The new funds have enabled the foundation to immediately pay off the mortgages of six heroes, and that is just the beginning, said Siller.

PrintedKicks, a small American-owned apparel company that makes a really cool pair of Trump sneakers (see here), will donate 100 percent of the profit the company makes from their stylish Betsy Ross sneakers to a charity that helps veterans suffering from PTSD.  According to the Daily Caller:   

Another company has come out with Betsy Ross flag-era sneakers, in a direct counter to Nike who recalled their flag-themed kicks when former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick said the design was reminiscent of the slave era. While other companies are likely concerned with making a profit off of a massive political statement, there’s a small time company that is 100 percent American owned and operated with a very different mission at hand. PrintedKicks, is a proudly pro-Trump, pro-police, and pro-military company, so it should come as no shock that they felt pretty opinionated about the Betsy Ross sneakers being removed so close to the 4th of July.

To purchase Rush’s “Stand Up for Betsy Ross” T-shirt, click here.  To buy PrintedKick’s Betsy Ross sneakers, click here.

Kudos to Rush Limbaugh and PrintedKicks for supporting President Trump and America, and for raising money in support of our country’s injured and fallen soldiers.  

Donald Trump is Second Most Admired Man in America

by Christopher Paslay

President Trump is the second most admired man in America – and the 14th most admired man in the world – according to a new YouGov poll published in Newsweek magazine.  

Well now.  Donald J. Trump, the vicious racist and white supremacist who runs concentration camps on America’s southern border, is so awful that his fellow citizens voted him the second most admired man in America, according to a new YouGov poll published in Newsweek magazine.    

President Trump is more admired than Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates, Dwayne Johnson, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, the Dali Lama, Pope Francis, and Will Smith; the only man in America more admired than Donald Trump is Barack Obama.  

On the world stage, Trump is #14; Bill Gates is #1.  YouGov used the following methodology to compile the lists:

In December YouGov gathered open-ended nominations from panelists across 41 countries, asking them simply: “Thinking about people alive in the world today, which [man or woman] do you most admire?” These nominations were then used to compile a list of the 20 men and 20 women who received the most nominations and were nominated in at least four countries. An additional 10 popular local figures were added to the lists for individual countries. 

In January we then used the lists to poll each of the 41 countries asking two questions: “who do you truly admire?”, where respondents could make multiple selections, and “who do you MOST admire?”, where they could only pick one. These two numbers were combined into a percentage share of admiration.  

In short, President Trump is not only highly admired by Americans, but also by diverse groups of people across the globe. 

On the women’s end of things, First Lady Melania Trump is the third most admired woman in America, ahead of Ellen DeGeneres (gag!), Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton (puke!), Nikki Haley, and Malala Yousafzai; the only women in America more admired than the First Lady are Michelle Obama (#1) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (#2).   

On the world stage, First Lady Melania Trump is the 19th most admired woman; former First Lady Michelle Obama is #1.

The Duplicitous Mangling of Trump’s Words

Marian Kamensky / Austria

by Christopher Paslay

The purposeful misrepresentation of Trump by the mainstream media is both shameful and dangerous.     

In July of 2016, while Hillary Clinton was doing damage control at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia after the world found out she rigged her own primary, Trump said sarcastically during a press conference, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” 

It was obviously a joke, and Trump said so.  But the American media, out to destroy Trump’s candidacy, pretended it wasn’t. The press went bananas, calling Trump a traitor and a spy and demanding that he be tried for treason.  It was quite disturbing, the fact that seasoned journalists would suddenly fail to understand sarcasm.  But fail to understand it they did.

A similar thing happened in August of 2017.  When violence started to escalate during a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Va., Trump tweeted, “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Let’s come together as one!”  Later, after a 32-year-old female was hit and killed by a white nationalist’s car that ran into counterprotesters, Trump made the following statement: “We condemn in the strongest most possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.”

Because Trump’s short impromptu response – made during televised remarks about a bill signing already underway – failed to specifically condemn white nationalism, this could only mean one thing: Trump was defending white nationalists, or was perhaps even a white nationalist himself.  Again, the media went bonkers with such accusations, even after Trump later clarified his statement by explaining that yes, such hatred from neo-Nazis was wrong.  Interestingly, such standards weren’t applied to President Obama when he failed to specifically condemn Islamic extremism in the Fort Hood terrorist attack that killed 13 people; no one in the mainstream media suggested Obama was a Muslim terrorist, or was defending Islamic extremism.      

But this was the kind of media Donald Trump was facing when he decided to run for president in June of 2015.  A media that was not only careless with their facts and reporting, but a media that was willfully duplicitous in their coverage – a collection of “advocacy” journalists with little integrity, who purposefully misrepresented information for political reasons.

The purposeful misrepresentation of Trump by the mainstream media is both shameful and dangerous.  Manipulating information to provoke resentment is like playing with fire.  Case in point: Travon Martin.  

In February of 2012, a nearly six-foot tall, 17-year-old black kid named Trayvon Martin sucker-punched a five-foot-seven Hispanic man named George Zimmerman because Zimmerman was following him around his development in the rain.  After knocking Zimmerman to the ground (whom Martin described as a “creepy-ass cracker”), Martin proceeded to ground-and-pound Zimmerman’s head off the cement mixed martial arts style (according to eye-witnesses at Zimmerman’s trial).  But then something unexpected happened: Zimmerman managed to pull out his gun and shoot Martin in the chest.           

The media reported the tragedy this way: Racist white man kills black middle school child for carrying a bag of Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.  CNN reported that Zimmerman called Martin a “coon,” but later corrected the story, explaining that Zimmerman simply had said it was “cold.”  ABC News reported that there were no visible cuts or lacerations on Zimmerman’s head (based on grainy cellphone footage falsely listed as a “security camera” at the police station), but later retracted the story, as medical evidence showed there were indeed major cuts and bruises on his scalp.  And NBC News, using a nonemergency 911 call that was selectively edited by news producers, played an audio to show that the “white-Hispanic” Zimmerman was indeed a racist.    

President Obama, being biracial himself, was in the perfect position to be a neutral arbitrator, and could have attempted to unify the country.  Instead he took sides, stating, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” and later saying, “I could have been Trayvon,” the latter statement being totally ridiculous; Obama was raised by his affluent white grandparents, and given the best education money could buy.  Still, President Obama, along with his advisor on race relations, Al Sharpton (who was caught in 1987 faking a race crime with Tawana Brawley), used the tragedy to galvanize voters for the upcoming election and stoke racial tension, sparking riots and violent protests across many cities in America.       

Then there was Michael Brown.  In August of 2014, a six-foot-four, 290-pound Michael Brown stole a box of cigarillos and assaulted a store owner.  When Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson tried to stop Brown (who was walking down the middle of the street), Brown shoved Officer Wilson back into his patrol car, punched him in the face, and tried to take his gun. The gun went off, hitting Brown in the hand, and Brown ran.  When Officer Wilson got out of his car and ordered Brown to stop, the 290-pound man turned around, charged at Wilson, and was ultimately shot and killed.      

The media reported the tragedy this way: Racist white cop kills unarmed black man execution style in the street.  Soon came the phony phrase “hands up, don’t shoot,” which was based on a completely fabricated version of events.  But the media made no attempt to verify any information, and simply ran with the bogus account of the tragedy, prompting Time to put an unrelated picture of a young black male kneeling in the street with his hands up on the cover of their magazine, with the caption, “The Tragedy of Ferguson.”       

President Obama, along with his advisor on race relations, Al Sharpton (who never paid restitution for defaming Steven A. Pagones in the Tawana Brawley case until 2001), again used the tragedy to galvanize voters for the upcoming midterm election and stoke racial tension, sparking riots and violent protests in a number of cities across America.

Although the intensity of racial unrest under President Trump pales in comparison to the kind of rage fermented under Obama (remember also the killing of the five Dallas police officers during the Black Lives Matter Rally in 2016), today’s media consistently proclaims Trump’s America is more racist and hateful than ever.  Yet besides the violence perpetrated by the hard-left group Antifa – and the annoying activist mobs that pop up after things don’t go the way of the Democrats – there has been no major riot under Trump; not a single city has been destroyed like Baltimore in 2015 or Ferguson in 2014.      

Not that the media isn’t trying their damnedest to incite racial unrest and provoke resentment against Trump.  The constant reference to Trump’s “family separation policy” on the border is one example (Trump signed an executive order to stop the law that requires minors to be detained separately from adults), and the recent manipulation of Trump’s “go back home” tweets is another.

Here were Trump’s initial tweets concerning The Squad: 

So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!

Although only one member of The Squad wasn’t born in the United States (Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia), this still doesn’t excuse the willful misrepresentation of the tweets by the media. Notice that’s there’s two parts: Trump invites the congresswomen to go back to their home countries, and he also invites them to come back, as well.  It’s the second part of the tweet that the media (and the Democrats) conveniently ignore.  Trump is basically saying, Put your money where your mouth is. In other words, if you want to constantly criticize the way I do things, let’s see you do better.  Go to the broken places where you come from (like Somalia), fix them, and then COME BACK TO AMERICA and tell us how it’s done.  That’s what Trump tweeted.

Of course, that’s not how the media is spinning it.  The press, in conjunction with The Squad and fellow Democrats, are claiming the tweet was a racist call by Trump for the women to get out of the country and “go back” to where they came from (notice the phrase “go back” is always isolated in quotes and taken out of the context of the rest of the tweet), because they’re not really American, and they’re not really welcome here.          

But that’s not at all what Trump meant.  And even when he clarified his statement in a press conference, the mainstream media still kept the original spin, proving they care more about maligning Trump than accurate reporting.  

This is exactly what is meant by the term fake news.   It’s irresponsible, shameful, and very dangerous.

‘The Squad’ Should Apologize to Trump, America, and Israel

The following is an excerpt from my commentary in today’s American Thinker:

During the recent spat between President Trump and “The Squad” – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts – Trump asked when the four women would atone for their anti-American and anti-Semitic behavior.  Early Monday morning, Trump tweeted:        

“When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.  So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions!”

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this involves making amends for disparaging the officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – the men and women who risk their lives to keep both Americans and immigrants safe – as well as asking forgiveness for disrespecting the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

“The U.S. is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are. That is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an Instagram video.  “The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the Home of the Free is extraordinarily disturbing and we need to do something about it.”

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Mark Morgan was insulted by the comment.  “It’s completely inappropriate, it’s reckless, it’s irresponsible, it’s misinformed, and it’s flat out wrong,” Morgan said in an interview.  Josh Holmes, former chief of staff for Mitch McConnell, called Ocasio-Cortez’s comments “an alarming and dangerous false equivalence that suggests a breathtaking lack of appreciation for the unparalleled evil of the Holocaust.”

Ilhan Omar must also apologize.  In January Omar tweeted that Israel had “hypnotized the world,” and later stated that American support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” and involved “allegiance” to a foreign country. As David French wrote in the National Review, “Each of these statements represents a classic anti-Semitic trope, and the latter statements were made after she came under fire for her previous comments. She knew she was under scrutiny and yet doubled down.” 

At a CAIR event in the spring, Omar callously described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “some people did something,” which sparked a large pro-Israel protest; according to an article in the National Review, CAIR was listed by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in funneling millions of dollars to Hamas, although to this day CAIR vehemently denies this.  

Rashida Tlaib, too, must make amends for her callous comments.  Last June she tweeted, “ICE is terrorizing our communities with zero accountability. ICE is a recent invention that makes our neighborhoods less safe, vindictively and cruelly tearing families apart.  I’m proud to stand with the growing movement to #AbolishICE!”

Incredibly, just hours after being sworn in, Tlaib said in reference to President Trump, “When your son looks at you and said ‘Mamma, look, you won — bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf**ker!’” . . .

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