Thank You, President Trump, For Your Leadership and Strength

Your exemplary crisis management skills are helping save lives and keeping our economy afloat.

Dear President Trump,

Schoolteachers, parents, and the education community in Philadelphia as well as across America would like to thank you for your leadership and strength during these trying times. Your tireless work to find treatments for COVID-19 — which has involved the fast-tracking of the very promising Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine — may have just brought us the medicine we need to stop the spread of the virus and bring our country back to business as usual. Your push for a $1 trillion stimulus package, which will help businesses stay afloat and Americans pay their mortgages and student loans, is also a great help. So great, in fact, even your biggest political opponents are praising you, like NYC’s mayor Bill de Blasio, and Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

COVID-19, which is basically a nasty strain of the flu, comes straight out of Communist China, and is communist in nature in that Soviet-style propaganda — in coordination with the oppression of freedom — allowed the virus to evolve and spread and come into America. Thank you, President Trump, for restricting air travel from China way back in January, despite protests from folks who called the ban xenophobia; this decision, as acknowledged by Dr. Anthony Fauci, was “one of the things we did right,” and helped contain COVID-19, saving countless lives.

Unfortunately, some national media along with local Philadelphia politicians and journalists are using COVID-19 as a way to continue to slander you despite your best efforts, purposefully misrepresenting your statements on the “Chinese virus,” claiming you’re spewing racist and xenophobic hatred against Asian Americans. On March 19, 6ABC wrote a story that harassment against Asian Americans in Philadelphia has increased due to the association with COVID-19, suggesting your use of the phrase “Chinese virus” has provoked these anti-Asian behaviors. Instead of clarifying that you used the phrase to keep people safe in the future by holding China accountable for their mishandling of the virus — which allowed it to spread all over the globe as the Chinese government tried to cover its tracks — journalists like those at 6ABC and other political leaders have suggested you are attacking Chinese Americans.

This is clearly not the case. As The Atlantic wrote in a story headlined, “China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World”:

The evidence of China’s deliberate cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan is a matter of public record. In suppressing information about the virus, doing little to contain it, and allowing it to spread unchecked in the crucial early days and weeks, the regime imperiled not only its own country and its own citizens but also the more than 100 nations now facing their own potentially devastating outbreaks. More perniciously, the Chinese government censored and detained those brave doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and warn their fellow citizens when they understood the gravity of what was to come.

Your use of the phrase “Chinese virus” is clearly done to hold Communist China accountable, which is why the attempt by the Philadelphia media and others to twist it into racist and xenophobic hatred is inappropriate and disingenuous. For these behaviors I apologize.

Thank you President Trump for your strength and leadership during this time of crisis. All of us will soon be back to business as usual, as not only are treatments like Chloroquine rapidly developing, but Americans are now putting things in proper perspective, and understand life must go on. We will overcome both the medical and economic setback of COVID-19, and with your continued help, our country will be stronger and wiser as a result.


Philly Teachers for Trump


Spreading MAGA Love in the City of Brotherly Love

by Christopher Paslay

Today, my wife and I made Philadelphia great again.

September 21st was a glorious day in Philadelphia: Sunny, 83 degrees, no humidity.  To celebrate, my lovely wife and I hung out in Center City, visiting the Art Museum and then making our way down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Logan Circle, stopping off in Love Park and finally ending up in Old City, home to Independence Mall and America’s most historic mile.  We did so as unofficial ambassadors of President Trump, breaking out our red Keep America Great hats for pictures along the way.  Below is a photo journal of our wonderful day in the beautiful city we call home.

Stop #1: The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Here we posed for a selfie, in front of the place that Rocky Balboa made famous.  Some useless trivia about Silvester Stallone: he attended high school in the same neighborhood where I currently teach (Northeast Philadelphia).  

Stop #2:  Logan Circle

When William Penn named his city Philadelphia (Greek for the “city of brotherly love”), he envisioned what he called a “greene country towne,” structuring it on a grid with four parks equally spaced throughout. One of these parks is Logan Circle, located at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (which was modeled after the Champs-Élysées in Paris).  Here I paused for a picture by the Swann Memorial Fountain.    

Stop #3: The LOVE Statue

For the bicentennial celebration in 1976, Robert Indiana lent Philadelphia a large aluminum sculpture of his “love” image. After failing to secure a sale with the city, Indiana’s gallery in New York took the statue back, causing an uproar. F. Eugene Dixon, a local businessman and then chairman of the Philadelphia Art Commission, purchased the work and donated it to the city, and soon it was reinstalled in the Plaza, now affectionately referred to as LOVE Park.

Here we stopped for a picture with the iconic image, waiting in the crowded line like two tourists.  After taking a picture for the family in front of us (a couple and their teenage daughter), we asked them to reciprocate.  The couple acknowledged our Trump hats and said, “We’re down with that,” and my wife handed her iPhone to the daughter, who proceeded to snap a dozen pics while a rather large, culturally diverse crowd gathered in the line behind us, watching us pose and spread our MAGA love.  The father than shook my hand, cracked a huge smile, and said, “The Phillies are having a tough year, especially Harper.  Good luck.”  I thanked him and we went on our way.

Stop #4: “I Love Philly” in LOVE Park

We walked over from the iconic LOVE statue to the very touristy life size “I Love Philly” sign.  Here we did a repeat of the last picture: we took a photo for a family in front of us, who appeared to be visiting foreigners, and then asked if they could return the favor.  A young Arab man nodded, and snapped a series of pics with Deb’s iPhone, as a long line backed up and people watched and waited.      

Stop #5: Independence Hall

Yes, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both signed here.  We’re talking some big names between the two of them, folks like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, James Madison, and George Washington.  God Bless these wise and courageous men.  

Stop #6: Old City Souvenir 

Deb wanted to buy a souvenir for a relative from California, so we stopped in Old City Souvenir at 3rd and Market while we were in the neighborhood.  We walked in the front door and immediately Deb pointed out the Trump 2020 hats, which were above the Rocky T-shirt I was looking at. But the Trump swag didn’t stop there. Behind the counter were Trump bucket hats, key chains, and bobble heads, amazingly enough.  Who knew Old City Philadelphia was so into spreading MAGA love?

Young Trump Voters Are Making Campus Great Again

by Christopher Paslay

Voters age 18 to 29 are one of two demographics nationwide that may hold the key to Trump’s re-election.

Trump’s push to win young voters is in high gear. On Monday, Trump’s re-election campaign launched a “Make Campus Great Again” program at the University of Akron. According to the Daily Wire:

The program kicked off at the University of Akron on Monday, with more than 50 students from that school and Cleveland State University, Walsh University, and Kent State University gathered at an event to show support for Trump and get trained on registering voters for the 2020 election. The program is managed by Trump Victory, a joint entity between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, working with the Ohio Federation of College Republicans. The two groups teamed up to launch a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative throughout Ohio colleges and universities to train and recruit campus activists for the president’s re-election efforts.

Support for Trump on college campuses is growing, with Millennials leading the charge.  According to the latest issue of Newsweek:

But the more than a dozen young Trump supporters who spoke to Newsweek were firm in their commitment to the president and clear about their reasons. They don’t consider Trump racist and reject that label for themselves as well. They’re sick of “cancel culture”—when critics on social media call for a boycott of someone who has said or done something deemed offensive—and political correctness. “We’ve had it shoved in our faces all day every day, in school and then from the pop culture,” Isabel Brown, a graduate of Colorado State University, told Newsweek in July. They don’t share the attraction to socialism that seems to be felt by many in their cohort. And Trump’s unfiltered personality delights them.

They see themselves in the role traditionally played politically by the young: They are the rebels, the non-conformists, willing to stand up for what they believe in opposition to the establishment. Only this time, the establishment—on campus and in the broader society—is a culture that demands lockstep obedience to what Brown calls “far left ideas.” For whatever reason, she says, most people her age “aren’t rebellious, and aren’t even particularly thoughtful. They feel the need to adhere to a politically correct ‘progressive’ agenda.” In this environment, she argues, “true rebellion is simply to say, ‘I disagree.’ I think conservatives were expected to be quietly polite, and we expected people would be quietly polite in return. Now we’ve learned that unless you boldly fight for what you believe in, the culture and the country will look very different.” . . .

The Trump campaign won 37 percent of the youth vote in 2016 in a campaign that was shambolic and underfunded. It will not be this time. Trump 2020 has already raised more than $125 million and the campaign is making a concerted effort to target young voters in battleground states. Parscale, who headed Trump’s digital media effort in 2016, says this will happen via social media, his forte, but also with “traditional boots-on-the-ground type organizing.”

In both the virtual and real-world efforts, the campaign will have considerable help from outside groups—support it didn’t have in 2016. One of them is Turning Point USA, founded seven years ago by Charlie Kirk, then 18. TPUSA has a 501c4 (tax-exempt, social welfare organization) sister group, Turning Point Action, which also runs Students For Trump. The group organizes what Kirk calls “conservatives” on college campuses across the country, but “conservative” in this sense means Trump supporters. The group has more than 1,000 college chapters and claims more than 40,000 members. Kirk will lead them next year in an effort that he acknowledges is based on the 2012 “Obama for America” campaign targeting young voters. The Turning Point effort will be as much about “clip boards and tennis shoes” on campus as it is about social media, in what Kirk vows will be an “unprecedented” effort to muster the pro-Trump vote on campuses across the country. “There’s never been a pro-GOP effort at this scale before, targeting young voters,” he says. “This can be done. We will make a difference.”

It’s Time to End MAGA Hat Discrimination

by Christopher Paslay

(Note: A version of this article was published September 11thon the American Thinker.)

Diversity of thought is just as important as diversity of culture. 

National Book Award finalist Rebecca Makkai wants me to stop wearing my Phillies hat.  Not because Makkai is from Chicago and the Phillies are battling the Cubs for the wild card, but because my Phillies hat is red, and too closely resembles President Trump’s MAGA hat.   

“Is anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap?” she recently tweeted, imploring “normal people” to refrain from wearing red hats because they are “making people scared.”   

As someone who’s worn both a Phillies cap inside Wrigley Field in Chicago and a MAGA hat in Philadelphia, I can tell you Makkai has it backwards: the fear is clearly being felt by those wearing the hats, not the other way around.

Not that Makkai has probably ever worn a MAGA hat, or been threatened by a Trump supporter.  Other than in the pretend world of Jussie Smollett, Chicagoans aren’t usually confronted by angry MAGA folk.  Makkai’s request that all red hats be removed most likely stems from her own concept of diversity, and how conservatives fail to fit the bill.                  

The irony here is thick. When it comes to race, religion, gender and sexuality, cultural gatekeepers like Makkai demand uncompromising inclusion.  Yet when it comes to political affiliation, these same advocates become incredibly narrow-minded. Diversity of thought doesn’t seem to be nearly as important as diversity of culture, and as a free and democratic society, this is cause for concern.

Makkai is employing a classic form of political affiliation discrimination, a kind of bigotry that silences opposing points of view via a two-part process.  First, the party out-of-favor with cultural elites has its positions maligned or misrepresented, a technique that contorts differing beliefs into hate-filled ideals that pass as reality.  Second, every person in the out-of-favor party is judged and stereotyped by these same public distortions, enabling the rest of society to discriminate against them without being accused of intolerance or bigotry.  

For example, Trump believes in merit-based immigration over a random lottery, and feels that refuges seeking asylum should come through legal ports of entry, therefore he and his supporters are “xenophobes” who hate all immigrants.  Likewise, Trump supports Israel’s right to exist, scrutinizes countries with high populations of Islamic extremists, and sanctions countries like Iran who openly support terrorism, therefore he and his supporters are “Islamophobes” who hate all Muslims.

What if you only support Trump on things like taxes, abortion, energy or trade?  Doesn’t matter; you’re still a prime candidate for harassment.

In his new book, R.I.P. G.O.P., leading Democratic pollster and political strategist Stanley Greenberg gleefully predicted “the death of the Republican Party as we’ve known it,” prompting New York Times Opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg to pen the article, “Dare We Dream of the End of the G.O.P.?” In her piece she called the Republican Party a “foul agglomeration of bigotry and avarice that has turned American politics into a dystopian farce,” fantasizing not just about their defeat but about their complete and total destruction.  

Those who aim to shut down debate don’t want diversity, they want orthodoxy.  As George Orwell writes in 1984: “Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”  

Which is why Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) tweeted the names and employers of dozens of San Antonians who made donations to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, and why “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing demanded the Hollywood Reporter publish the names of actors planning to attend the Republican National Committee fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

And why Reza Aslan, HBO producer and former CNN host, called Trump and his supporters terrorists, insisting that “the MAGA hat is a KKK hood,” and that “this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”

And why Zack Ford, a writer for Think Progress, stated “you can’t both wear a MAGA hat and claim to love thy neighbor,” stereotyping millions of kind, good-hearted Americans in a single sentence. 

Unfortunately, our nation’s anti-discrimination laws protect Americans based on race, religion, gender and sexuality, but not political affiliation.  In other words, you can’t throw someone out of a theater or restaurant for being black, female, gay, or Muslim, but it seems you can run them out on a rail for wearing a MAGA hat.

“And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said at a rally in Los Angeles last year.  “And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

I’m going to continue to wear all my red hats, despite the objections from people like Rebecca Makkai. And our nation’s equality laws should be expanded to protect the right to do so. 

Meet the Deplorable Choir

by Christopher Paslay

The MAGA-loving trio praises America and encourages Trump supporters to stand proud.    

Let’s face it — it’s not easy to support President Trump in 2019 America.  Often times Trump and his supporters are bullied into silence by celebrities and the mainstream media, who regularly mischaracterize the President and his agenda in an attempt to shut down any and all debate on the issues.  Yet CJ, Val, and Linz — the three Texas moms who formed the Deplorable Choir — will have nothing of the sort.        

As reported by the Daily Dot:

On social media, the Deplorable Choir has become a minor-league celebrity with songs that include choruses like “it’s a real tough life if you say you are a liberal” and “we stand with our General Flynn.” But even if you don’t agree with their conservative messaging, it can be tough to get their music out of your head.

Their tunes are chipper but also confrontational. In their song about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, they sang “Mother Zucker, let’s have a word/come meet me out back/with my can of whoop ass,” set to a twanging banjo. Their songs are always political, and they have a knack for grabbing the attention of some of the celebrities in the pro-Trump circles of the internet.

It’s not every day that the right makes fun of the left, as this sort of thing is deemed off limits by our liberal entertainment industry; most comedians and late night hosts save their ammo for conservatives only.    

But who is this trio?  As reported by the Daily Dot:

In a conversation with The Daily Dot, C.J. LeRose . . . painted the group as just a couple of mothers looking to have some whole-hearted Christian fun.  LeRose is a stage name and she declined to give out her real name, citing concerns for her safety from what she calls “the keyboard warriors.” She says that the Choir are “sisters and friends who all live by each other,” but showed some humility, saying “we’re not a music group … we’re not a real band. We just started doing this because we love Trump.”

The group began in March 2018 following the Oscars when LeRose says she was annoyed “after being lectured by celebrities.”  She claims that the first song came to her while she was on the way to her child’s baseball game. And that first piece blew up. She recalls that it had 130,000 views overnight. . . . Their name of the band, obviously, is a direct dig at Clinton’s mocking of Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

The Deplorable Choir now has over 90K followers on both Twitter and Facebook, and a YouTube channel with 30K subscribers and over 20 songs.

Ironically, Trump’s ‘Opportunity Zones’ Are Helping Save Baltimore

by Christopher Paslay

A recent study ranks Baltimore a “Top Opportunity Zone for Smart Growth Potential.”

In December of 2018, George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis helped publish a study titled, “National Opportunity Zones Ranking Report.”  It’s executive summary began by stating:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included a new powerful economic development tax incentive — Opportunity Zones — designed to encourage long-term private capital investment in America’s low-income communities. With over 8,700 Opportunity Zones — spanning the entire continental US, the District of Columbia and US territories — now eligible to tap into over $6 trillion dollars of unrealized capital gains to support redevelopment projects and new businesses, there’s enormous excitement amongst investors and local policymakers. Equally, there’s enormous concern among local policymakers and community groups who are afraid that this tax incentive will crowdsource unmanaged gentrification and displacement or accelerate climate change. 

To weigh the good against the bad, the report calculated which Opportunity Zones in which areas not only had the greatest potential for success, but also which areas had the most social equity — the highest access for the poor to participate and benefit. 

Ironically, Baltimore was listed #5 in the nation for Smart Growth Potential, behind only Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland.  This not only means the city is a wise choice for investors, but also that this investment has the best opportunity to directly benefit local residents who are struggling with quality of life issues.  

These findings are important, especially when critics of “opportunity zones” say gentrification is harmful to residents, and that the poor get displaced while wealthy investors get tax breaks and enjoy the benefits.  But this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, a recent working paper from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve sheds new light on the issue.  As reported by the City Journal:

Several previous studies have already cast doubt on the conventional wisdom that gentrification causes widespread displacement of poor, longtime residents. “The Effects of Gentrification on Well Being and Opportunity of Original Resident Adults and Their Children” goes further by recasting gentrification as a potential force for income integration and social mobility.

The first thing noted in the study is that gentrification displaces very few people. “An influx of college-educated residents into formerly lower-income neighborhoods—the accepted definition of gentrification—increases the probability that vulnerable, less-educated renters move to another neighborhood by about 3 percentage points,” the City Journal reports.

An even bigger surprise is what happens to low-income residents who stay put compared with those who do move out. “The stayers remain at the same poverty levels as before gentrification, but they see less poverty in their midst,” reports the City Journal.  “Homeowners enjoy a big increase in their home values, enough to offset the inevitable rise in taxes.”

Curiously, gentrification has a positive effect on children.  “Kids living in gentrified neighborhoods see less poverty and more educated neighbors, and they develop more advantageous networks,” writes the City Journal.  “Most strikingly, gentrification increases the probability that children of less educated homeowners will attend and graduate college.”

In short, Trump’s Opportunity Zones are having an impact on urban poor.  In a July 16th cabinet meeting, H.U.D. Secretary Dr. Ben Carson reported additional positives to President Trump.  Here are some highlights Carson mentioned:     

  • Opportunity Zones are home to approximately 35 million Americans — about 10 percent of our population.
  • Over the past year, property sale prices in Opportunity Zones have increased by 20 percent, which is about double the appreciation rate for eligible non-selected areas.
  • The National Council of State Housing Agencies announced that its Opportunity Zone Fund Directory has expanded to nearly $29 billion in anticipated investment.
  • In Salt Lake City, a big multi-family dwelling is being built with a center for helping autistic people enter the workforce. 
  • The Governor of Maryland is spending $56.6 million for training programs to supercharge Opportunity Zones in his state. 
  • In Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant has approved a special Opportunity Zones cycle as part of the low-income housing tax credit program offered through the Mississippi Home Corporation. 
  • In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued an executive directive that focuses state procurement practices on businesses located within Opportunity Zones.

“Opportunity has no color, but it colors everything,” Dr. Carson told President Trump. “Opportunity has no creed, but it gives people strength to believe. Opportunity has no religion, yet it gives us each faith. And I want to thank you for the faith that you’ve shown to the Revitalization Council as we have championed this incredible initiative across the country. This is a game changer. Major game changer in this country. And we look forward to building on this exciting momentum.”

“What’s happened with Opportunity Zones is somewhat of a miracle,” Trump said. “Nobody in their wildest imagination thought this could happen.”

America Wants Legal Immigrants

Click to watch video.

by Reihan Salam

By prioritizing immigrants with strong skills, we’d make the safety net much easier to sustain for those with low skills.

I am the proud son of immigrants from Bangladesh. I was raised in New York City, which has benefited enormously from the energy and ambition of the millions of people born abroad who’ve chosen to make it their home. But I also believe that America’s immigration system needs to work for America, and right now, that is simply not the case.

We need a new immigration system. So what should it be? We’re often presented with two stark choices: Severe restrictions or open borders. I think there’s a better way. But before I offer a solution, let’s look at the usual suspects. The case for open borders is, on the surface, pretty attractive. Tens of millions of people around the world would be grateful to come to America for the chance to live in peace and earn a decent living. The vast majority of them mean us no harm. 

Why not give them a chance to share in the blessings of liberty? The simple answer is that our country is more than just a marketplace. We’re a democracy based on a social contract. Americans pay taxes so that, among other things, the poorest, most unlucky among us can still lead decent and dignified lives. If you can’t work, you might be eligible for unemployment benefits or disability. If you do work but your paycheck doesn’t go far enough for you to afford medical care or food for your kids, we have a safety net designed to help you stay afloat.

Liberals and conservatives disagree on how extensive this safety net ought to be, but they all agree it needs to be there. The question is, how we far are willing to stretch it?

A century ago, immigrants who found they couldn’t make it in America had little choice but to go back home. That is no longer the case. These days, immigrants who can’t earn enough to support their families have access to many government benefits. That doesn’t make them bad people. In an age of offshoring and automation, wages for menial jobs don’t go very far. If we only admitted a modest number of low-skill immigrants—say, as political refugees—we could easily handle it. But over the past forty years, we have allowed millions of low-skill immigrants into the country, both legally and illegally. While highly-educated immigrants pay far more in taxes than they consume in benefits, the opposite is true of immigrants with less than a high school diploma

Immigrant engineers working for Google, Amazon and Apple do just fine without government help. The immigrant janitors and busboys who serve them struggle to afford housing and to give their kids a decent start in life. Without government aid, many would go hungry. If we were to open our borders, the number of low-skilled immigrants would skyrocket, and so too would the cost of meeting their needs. Ironically, this would only exacerbate the wealth disparity that so animates the open borders crowd.

Maybe the rich could wall themselves off in gated communities. But the growing ranks of the poor and even the middle class would have to deal with ever more strained social services. That could provoke resentment strong enough to set off real class warfare.

If open borders are a bad idea, so too is severely restricting immigration. For one, immigration has always been part of the American story. And it continues to be an essential source of talent, from Silicon Valley to medicine to pro sports. Why shut ourselves off from the dynamism and energy that immigrants can bring?

Thankfully, there isa way to fix this problem. We can modernize the system to give priority to those who have strong skills and job offers—people, in other words, who will pay more in taxes than they need in benefits. Today, we admit about two-thirds of immigrants on the basis of family ties and only 15 percent on the basis of skills. We need a course correction. We should limit family immigration to immediate family members—such as spouses and minor children—while greatly expanding the number of skills-based visas.

A skills-based points system would be a huge boon for people around the world looking to live the American Dream. It would give them a predictable, step-by-step guide for how to better their chances at a green card. Just as importantly, by prioritizing immigrants with strong skills, we’d make the safety net much easier to sustain for those with low skills—whom we’d still admit, albeit at a more modest level.

Let’s announce to the world that if you’re ambitious, if you have skills we prize, the golden door is open. If you can support yourself and your family, and add to our economy, we want you. If we aspire to an immigration system that works, this the most realistic—and idealistic—choice.

Reihan Salam is the executive editor of National Review. The above transcript was reprinted from Prager University.

Alveda King Supports Trump. So Would MLK If He Were Alive.

by Christopher Paslay

Martin Luther King’s Dream — putting content of character over color of skin — is dead among liberals.  Today, only conservatives and President Trump remain colorblind, favoring merit over pigmentation.  

Content of character is dead among liberals.  Gone.  History.  Kaput.  Today, the most important thing for Democrats and their cadre of groupthink leftists is how many “boxes” you can check off: gay, lesbian, bi, trans, black, Hispanic, Native, female, Muslim . . . and so on and so forth.  Or, put another way, diversity in reverse: non-male, non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Judeo-Christian, etc.

Hence today’s Democrats —  the Check-Off Party.  Or, if Check-Off is too harsh, perhaps this meme: the Perception Party.  This works, too, since the main objective of leftists is to create the perception of fairness and equality among their members, and the perception of hatred and racism among their political enemies, regardless of whether these things exist in any form whatsoever in reality.                       

Case in point: On Sunday, President Trump tweeted the following, criticizing Elijah Cummings for the condition of his home district in Baltimore: 

Rep. Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA. 

Why is so much money sent to the Elijah Cummings district when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States. No human being would want to live there. Where is all this money going? How much is stolen? Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!

Although nowhere in the tweet is race mentioned, liberals and the mainstream media predictably cried racism, right on cue.  What didn’t matter to them was the fact that the people of Baltimore, including the mayor, agreed that the district was indeed rat infested, dangerous, dilapidated, and in dire need of help.  Trump’s tweet to Cummings was aggressive, sure, but not racist.  And there are many Americans, both black and white alike, who feel that Trump was right to bluntly shine a light on the unacceptable conditions of Baltimore, that his spat with Cummings is ultimately resulting in bringing awareness to a situation that has long been ignored. 

Reverend Alveda King, niece of MLK, didn’t think Trump’s tweet was racist at all.  “All of that news is absolutely fake,” she said at a two-hour meeting Monday at the White House with inner-city faith leaders, some of whom left saying the president is concerned about people of all races. 

According to the Washington Examiner:

Ms. King said Mr. Trump’s policies are working for black Americans.

“America is troubled,” Ms. King told reporters after the meeting. “If we say we’re color blind, we need to put on our glasses. We can see a troubled America, but we can [also] see a blessed America.”

She said employment rates are up in every segment of society, “including the black community.”

“Historically black colleges and universities under this president are being blessed,” she said. “The babies in the womb, the sick and poor and elderly, are being blessed.”

She added, “We have a president who’s listening. We have an opportunity to continue to be blessed. And I was glad to pray with him today.”

Bill Owens, a Trump supporter and the founder and president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, also denied Trump’s tweets were racist, and pointed out that Trump goes after leaders from all backgrounds if he disagrees with them on a policy.  

Of course, none of this matters to the left.  

Tragically, liberals are not only hopelessly obsessed with race, religion, gender, and sexuality — choosing to view the world via these superficial lens instead of through a person’s values, beliefs, and actions — but they are successfully indoctrinating America’s young people to do the same.  No longer is it acceptable to be “colorblind,” or to judge people by “the content of their character.”  Incredibly, many liberals have suggested that the word “colorblind” is a code word for “white supremacy,” and that it’s our duty to monitor the world by race, religion, gender, and sexuality.

Amazingly, many Millennials don’t want to be colorblind, and find that way of viewing the world boring and archaic.  Identity politics, especially in the form of preferential treatment for “victim” groups, has caused some youth to cling to their separate identities as a sort of ego fulfillment, as a way to have a tribal affiliation with those who share their same ideologies.  In short, the power and rush gained from wearing their race, religion, gender, or sexuality on their shirtsleeve is more exciting and appealing than simply treating people as . . . well, people.

Which means merit and content of character is not only forgotten, but frowned upon.  A person’s race, religion, gender, and sexuality come first, and what they think, say, or do comes second.  As a result, two people could think, act, or do the same things, but depending on their group affiliation, one could be labeled a “social justice worrier,” while the other could be called a “hateful racist bigot.”        

Is this the world MLK would want to live in?  Is this what has become of his “dream”?  I think not. 

Reverend Alveda King Supports Trump and his merit-based world view, as do many inner city black pastors.  And if MLK were alive in 2019, I bet he’d support President Trump, too. 

Ex-Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu Joins Women for Trump Coalition

by Christopher Paslay

After being stripped of her Miss Michigan crown for her conservative beliefs, Zhu joins #WomenforTrump Coalition Advisory Board.

Great news!  Ex-Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu recently Joined the Women for Trump Coalition!  According to CBS News:

Kathy Zhu, the former Miss Michigan who was stripped of her title last week after several offensive tweets surfaced, has joined Trump’s reelection campaign efforts. The official Team Trump twitter account welcomed her on board Thursday, calling her a “patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown.” . . .

Speaking at a Women for Trump event in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Friday, Zhu claimed that being openly conservative is extremely difficult. “It’s harder, I think, than coming out as, honestly, gay,” she said.

Zhu was stripped of her 2019 crown last week because of two controversial tweets from 2017 and 2018:

The first tweet read, “There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

The second tweet was as follows: “Did you know that the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks?  Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”

“Little attacks like those really, really diminishes the value and the trust of the word, ‘racism,'” Zhu responded in a twitter video

Zhu is now putting her energy into something much more positive than splitting hairs over nonsensical accusations of racism: she’s working with conservative women to help President Trump get reelected.  

“Team Trump welcomes Kathy Zhu to the Official #WomenforTrumpCoalition Advisory Board! [Kathy] is a patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown. Thank you for your support of President [Donald Trump],” Team Trump wrote Friday evening on Twitter.

According to the Daily Caller:

Zhu spoke at a Women for Trump luncheon Friday in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where she was greeted by a standing ovation, reported The Detroit Free Press. . . .

“I think that everything I’ve said is considered free speech because it is backed up by statistics, facts, something I have experiences or my opinions,” she continued, according to The Detroit Free Press. “I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I don’t think I am Islamophobic, but I am going to criticize something that doesn’t fit within my morals when I see it.”

Zhu supported Trump’s 2016 campaign when she was a teen, and is back to help the president a second time.  Hopefully, Zhu can work her mojo and help Trump get reelected in 2020!

Pro-Trump, Pro-American Products Raising Millions for Charity

by Christopher Paslay

Trump-loving Americans donate millions to fallen soldiers and their families.   

While Democrats and members of “The Squad” continue to trash America, President Trump, and our country’s brave law enforcement officers, patriotic Americans such as Rush Limbaugh and the pro-Trump apparel company PrintedKicks are raising millions of dollars for injured and fallen American soldiers.   

As reported by Fox News:

The CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation revealed Tuesday on “Fox and Friends” that radio host Rush Limbaugh‘s recently released Betsy Ross tee-shirt generated more than $2 million for the nonprofit organization. Frank Siller, who started the foundation in memory of his brother – a New York firefighter who lost his life on 9/11 – said that he is “beyond words” over the response to Limbaugh’s Betsy Ross shirt.

Limbaugh, who appeared on “Fox & Friends,” last week explained that he released the shirt to give people an opportunity to push back on those who trash American values and do not stand for American ideals. He explained that he and his wife came up with the idea for the shirt after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly urged Nike to nix the release of a sneaker that featured a Betsy Ross flag over the flag’s perceived slavery-era connections. . . .

Siller explained that the foundation helps the families of fallen police officers, first responders and soldiers – many of whom left behind a grieving wife and children. The new funds have enabled the foundation to immediately pay off the mortgages of six heroes, and that is just the beginning, said Siller.

PrintedKicks, a small American-owned apparel company that makes a really cool pair of Trump sneakers (see here), will donate 100 percent of the profit the company makes from their stylish Betsy Ross sneakers to a charity that helps veterans suffering from PTSD.  According to the Daily Caller:   

Another company has come out with Betsy Ross flag-era sneakers, in a direct counter to Nike who recalled their flag-themed kicks when former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick said the design was reminiscent of the slave era. While other companies are likely concerned with making a profit off of a massive political statement, there’s a small time company that is 100 percent American owned and operated with a very different mission at hand. PrintedKicks, is a proudly pro-Trump, pro-police, and pro-military company, so it should come as no shock that they felt pretty opinionated about the Betsy Ross sneakers being removed so close to the 4th of July.

To purchase Rush’s “Stand Up for Betsy Ross” T-shirt, click here.  To buy PrintedKick’s Betsy Ross sneakers, click here.

Kudos to Rush Limbaugh and PrintedKicks for supporting President Trump and America, and for raising money in support of our country’s injured and fallen soldiers.